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Charters White Moon Floating

Charters White Moon Floating

102 x 152 cm unframed, 108 x 158cm framed in a perpex box
acrylic paint, inks, pens, oil sticks, aqua enamel on Arches Paper

” Charters Towers for me is a town physically ravaged by mining and the pervading sense of impairment due to the continued downturn in the mining industry. The visible undulations are low lying but my view is often drawn to contrasting and juxtaposed minute physical details and the very gritty nature of the land. Tailings are scattered throughout the town where old abandoned mine shafts can be a backyard ‘feature’ and the earths granular nature particularly through drought presents as eerie and surreal. At night it is pitch black but with a full moon unexpected colours and markings come to life.” – Rebecca Pierce


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Charters White Moon Floating


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