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“Today, the colour pink has become a symbol of awareness and activism, representing a spectrum of important causes such as breast cancer, women's rights, and the LGBTQ community... the evocative use of pink invites the audience to delve into some of the most pressing and challenging topics of our time, particularly our collective efforts to achieve equilibrium in gender and race equality” - Elena Bijelic
11 Jul
To 21 Jul
This year traffic jam galleries have partnered with the Affordable Art Fair for three Fairs, exhibiting in Hong Kong (18 – 21 May), Sydney (15 - 18 June) and Singapore (9 - 12 November). The crew at tjg will kick off this busy year of Fairs in Hong Kong, Stand F05, showcasing a range of two and three-dimensional works. ENQUIRE FOR CATALOGUE
18 May
To 21 May
"Spending a weekend catching ferries from Circular Quay and exploring various destinations, watching the huge passenger ships and tugs, photographing recreational vessels making waves as they motor past, is an absolute delight” - Megan Barrass.
14 Apr
To 4 May
In the creation of ‘Ambedo’, Simone Read’s latest body of work, the identifiable hallmarks are embodied with a notable evolution of her practice. This is evident in the incorporation of new medium, detailing and intensifying the saturation of colour. 'Ambedo,' is a melancholic trance in which a person becomes completely absorbed in vivid sensory details.
3 Mar
To 23 Mar
'Resale' or 'Secondary Market' refers to a work of art that has been previously sold at least once before, whereas Primary Market denotes a work being sold for the very first time. Secondary Market art is most known for but not limited to the resale of works by past Artists, potentially well-known Artists, living or dead, with notable careers. Resale can also include contemporary living Artists’ works. 
11 Feb
To 4 Mar



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