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For his Solo Exhibition with traffic jam galleries, artist Murat Urlali invites you to embark on a captivating journey through the rich tapestry of Ottoman artistry and Persian poetic mastery. This collection is a testament to Murat’s talent for seamlessly blending history, culture, and the art of reinterpretation.
28 Sep
To 17 Oct
traffic jam galleries is proud to present 'Float', a solo exhibition of new works by Represented artist Joie Villeneuve. With over three decades of professional artistry under her belt, Villeneuve's work is a testament to her mastery of mixed-media techniques, resulting in heavily textured, emotionally charged creations that beckon viewers to ride the poetic wave of her imagination. In her latest collection, aptly titled 'float,' Villeneuve takes us on a captivating journey inspired by the ebb and flow of life's currents. Drawing from the natural rhythms of the sea, her art transcends geographical boundaries, floating seamlessly from the sun-drenched shores of WA Perth to the bustling eastern seaboard of Sydney. Within this artistic voyage, hidden messages emerge, each one a treasure waiting to be discovered. Villeneuve's artwork invites you to decipher these secret messages, which may manifest as enigmatic motifs or fragments of collaged notes and songs. Her compositions become a conduit for the whispers of the hidden stories that dance within her canvases. 
28 Sep
To 17 Oct
traffic jam galleries is proud to present 'Bloom' a solo exhibition of new works by Represented artist Danielle McManus. In this exceptional showcase, McManus takes you on a visual journey through the enchanting landscapes of Australia, where her young female subjects become the focal point, beautifully intertwined with the native flora and fauna of the land. McManus's masterful brushwork and keen eye for detail bring to life the delicate balance between the young women and their natural surroundings, creating a harmonious and evocative narrative that invites viewers to explore the intersection of humanity and the environment. Her work not only captures the raw beauty of the Australian landscape but also reflects the resilience and spirit of its native inhabitants.
16 Sep
To 7 Oct
“Night has fallen and all is still. Here in the silence; reality, dreams and memory weave into a haunting spectacle of sensations. And all at once, feelings of joy, fear and melancholy descend. I follow my senses and step into the water (I’ve always been drawn to the water, perhaps an innate connection to my Maldivian heritage). The ocean, with all its grandeur and mystery, brings with it escape, wonder, terror and excitement. For my new exhibition, VISIONS OF THE DARK NIGHT, I have continued my exploration of these moments of divinity, when time and distance fade away. Moments when I have felt like an explorer in a distant world, submerged in an alien landscape.” - J Valenzuela Didi
1 Sep
To 21 Sep
traffic jam galleries are proud to present MIXED + POP ! Through the lens of our artists, an exploration of Pop Art, its evolution and resounding impact on art today, how it is digested and responded to. Pop Art developed as a response to the Post War era’s commodity-driven values using common place objects such as soup cans and road signs as subject matter. Bright colours, recognisable imagery, irony, and satire are some of the defining characteristics. This movement was born from the commercialised culture in the 1950s, initially America and then Britain. Pop Art encouraged viewers to reconsider what they understood to be fine art and instead evaluate the power of production, situating itself at the intersection of a transient globalist market and traditional forms of art making. The lasting impact of the Pop Art movement is visible in the production and procuring of art today.
4 Aug
To 24 Aug
“Today, the colour pink has become a symbol of awareness and activism, representing a spectrum of important causes such as breast cancer, women's rights, and the LGBTQ community... the evocative use of pink invites the audience to delve into some of the most pressing and challenging topics of our time, particularly our collective efforts to achieve equilibrium in gender and race equality” - Elena Bijelic
11 Jul
To 21 Jul

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