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“Women have always been bombarded with images of the ideal body shape through the media. This has escalated in today’s era of social media with the pressure to achieve the unachievable via exposure to unrealistic images, often enhanced by photoshop or filters. We expect celebrities and models to be beautiful; but what social media has done is provide a platform for influencers to flaunt their flawless skin, perfect curves and cosmetic surgery, which is now more accessible than ever before. As a result, body shaming has become as addictive as our daily feeds. Beauty (and women) comes in all shapes and sizes; and like art, is subjective. This is what ‘Woman on a Balloon’ represents. All women have the right to feel confident in their own skin and embrace their beauty, otherwise… just like a balloon under constant pressure, there will become a point where she will simply burst.” – Paul Trefry Woman on a Balloon 50 x 40 x 60cm mixed media silicone, epoxy resin and human hair  Please contact the gallery for a catalogue or more images, videos and information.  #australianartist 


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