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Welcome to tjg artist TARA SPICER !!!  ​Artist Tara Spicer is based on the beautiful coast of Queensland Australia and has been painting and exhibiting for roughly twenty years. Tara has a wonderful gift for immersing the viewer into her world. Her paintings engage us with their strength of character and subtle, yet raw colour palette. Each original work evokes a sense of enduring, self-contained innocence and contentment. Works range in themes from playful childhood wonder to deeper, more convoluted meaning. Tara's works present a subdued colour palette allowing the central figure to hold the power within each piece, giving a strength of presence as well as space for the viewer to place themselves inside the artwork. Her works allow you to truly immerse yourself in the feelings of the moment presented. ​ ​You can browse and acquire works by Tara at the gallery or via our website or please contact the team to receive Tara's catalogue.  ​ ​


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