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'Pooping Balloon Dog II' – 60.5 x 50.5cm, 63.5 x 53.5cm framed oil on raw gallery linen with white float frame $ 1,600.00 by TARA SPICER  ​ ​“Have you heard of the famous Miss Appleby’s Balloon Dog Park? Would you go with me? We could eat fairy floss and ride Balloon Dogs all day. At lunch time, you can play a game of Hide and Seek with the Balloon Dogs. Toilet time, as it is with dogs, is not so private an affair! Come with me into a world that is a little magical and quite possibly wonder-full. This series is about escape from the mundane, about the limitless potential of delight that we can manifest into this world. A cheeky, tangible reminder to leave a wake of delight, as we move through the day.” – Tara  ​ ​​​​


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