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"Arrente art is concerned with story, ancestral connection, the dreamtime as concept which envelopes time, the past, the present and the future. I have come to learn through my academic study that the landscape is represented by our internalised feelings and memories towards the landscape. A constant theme in all Indigenous cultures is that their landscape views are based in nature, as part of us, within us, and around us. Western perceptions of land on the other hand position the landscape as the other and the outer, a site to be developed, exploited, and experienced. As a little boy growing up on the land I was constantly evolving within a combination of fear and wonder. The unfolding landscape was filled with forms of heroes and villains contained within nature, seasons, and time. This was and still is providing me with the essential ingredients of connection and experience. My experience of land was not that of conquest, violence, tragedy, or despair yet it existed upon it."-DEAN REILLY ​ ​Solo Exhibition Opens September 9th from 5-7pm. To RSVP or to view available works please contact the gallery team.  ​ ​'Leichhardt Lost' 152 x 101.5cm acrylic on cotton canvas $ 4,200.00  ​ ​


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