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traffic jam galleries is proud to present 'Float', a solo exhibition of new works by Represented artist Joie Villeneuve. With over three decades of professional artistry under her belt, Villeneuve's work is a testament to her mastery of mixed-media techniques, resulting in heavily textured, emotionally charged creations that beckon viewers to ride the poetic wave of her imagination. In her latest collection, aptly titled 'float,' Villeneuve takes us on a captivating journey inspired by the ebb and flow of life's currents. Drawing from the natural rhythms of the sea, her art transcends geographical boundaries, floating seamlessly from the sun-drenched shores of WA Perth to the bustling eastern seaboard of Sydney. Within this artistic voyage, hidden messages emerge, each one a treasure waiting to be discovered. Villeneuve's artwork invites you to decipher these secret messages, which may manifest as enigmatic motifs or fragments of collaged notes and songs. Her compositions become a conduit for the whispers of the hidden stories that dance within her canvases. 
Starts: 28 September, 2023
Ends: 17 October, 2023

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