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Exhibition Type: Solo Artist Exhibition

Bye-Bye, Miss American Pie

Kathryn’s Pop Realism paintings draw on the pulsating energy of Las Vegas, freeze frames of iconic Hollywood cinema, recognisable signage and advertisements and celebrity, all delivered within the realm of ‘Pop’

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I have wanted to create a body of work that resonates with being in stillness. I’ve been hibernating for the last while reflecting on my mindset. Taking time. Reprogramming. Through the practice of painting I have been practising stillness. These works are all abstract imaginings that are representative of no specific time frame, place or reality but rather a general energy or spirit.

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The Landscape is Beyond ME

“Western perceptions of land on the other hand position the landscape as the other and the outer, a site to be developed, exploited, and experienced. As a little boy growing up on the land I was constantly evolving within a combination of fear and wonder. The unfolding landscape was filled with forms of heroes and villains contained within nature, seasons, and time. This was and still is providing me with the essential ingredients of connection and experience. My experience of land was not that of conquest, violence, tragedy, or despair yet it existed upon it” – Dean Reilly.

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Sydney Rocks

This exhibition is inspired by hikes around Sydney harbour and Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. “We have on our doorstep one of Australia’s most diverse geological wonders of all time, The Sydney Basin. My painting inspiration is one small section by comparison but to me its presence is huge. Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park with its beautiful Hawkesbury River backdrop magnifies the intense beauty, heightens the light and compounds the stature of the extraordinarily awesome monolithic ROCKS!”- Miranda Summers

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Captured Moments

Customarily my paintings encapsulate an observers captivated gaze over a subject. My viewpoint on someone captured living in a moment. 

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Porous and Quivering

Will Maguire’s solo exhibition titled ‘Porous and Quivering’ is an exploration into the vibrancy of matter and features a range of sculptural works in metal and wood

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Mixed Tricks

This exciting body of work features new approaches and further developments of Andrew’s notable style. From his iconic beach and waterscapes to vibrant birds bursting with personality and colour ‘Mixed Tricks’ includes paintings rendered with looser brushstrokes and an earthy palette embracing Australia’s magnificent iconic bushlands.

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Finding Stillness

This body of work titled ‘Finding Stillness’ provides the viewer with what feels like a safe haven, where a feeling of calmness and quiet pervades

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Somersaults & Cartwheels

Rebecca Pierce’s solo exhibition ‘Somersaults & Cartwheels’ is a voyage into colour and texture with large doses of positivity, happiness and fun.

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Remember The Wild

‘Remember the Wild’ is an exploration and an appreciation of how these trees; through culture, sacred and spiritual connections, define the character of the Australian bush and our growing understanding of their significance.

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Dylan Cooper ‘What Once Was’

“Humans are not perfect and we are conditioned to find imperfections with our own reflection, lives and situations. I pose the question ‘What is beauty and why are we so obsessed with it?’”- Dylan Cooper

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