Resale Artists

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Al Munro

Anthony Lister

Arthur Boyd

Auguste Blackman

Ben Booth

Ben Stack

Charles Blackman

Catherine Harry

Christine Aerfeldt

Colin Lanceley

Corrigan Fairbairn

David Bromley

Dean Vella

Diane Cole

Helen Norton

Ian Swift

John Coburn

John Maitland

Julia Casstiglioni-Bradshaw

Kathleen Petyarre

Kevin Charles (Pro) Hart

Kudditji Kngwarreye

Norman Lindsay (1879 - 1969)

Margaret Woodward

Nathan Paddison

Paul Higgs

Minnie Pwerle

Rhonda Ryan

Robert Dickerson

Sally Smart

Andrew Sibley

Sidney Nolan

Tim Maguire

Warren Salter

Michael Williamson

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Resale Artists


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