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Sydney In the Year 2098

Sydney In the Year 2098

43 x 53 x 5cm
photomontage on wood board with oak box frame

Clintons works are created by combining dozens of meticulously cut pieces which then form a new, alternate world

“Sydney in the year 2098 is imagined as a bustling, self-sufficIent green city, with supertall skyscrapers over 1000 metres tall. The Opera House is reinterpreted as a busy central transport hub. But global warming has caused the harbour to rescind and reveal deep cavernous cliffs, while beyond the city, the outskirts has become desert, with sweltering daily temperatures in the 50s. I wanted this to be a fun piece setting Sydney in the future, but also have an important climate message if we don’t make changes now. ” – Clinton


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Sydney In the Year 2098


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