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Last Look Back

61 x 45.7cm board
63.5 x 47.8 x 3cm framed
scratchboard, ink

“A wallaby looks back at his carer just as he is being released into bushland. There are some knowns – the leafy browse, which he used to be given to eat, now appears on trees and there are animals of the same shape as the ones he was in care with – but many mysterious unknowns he must now negotiate. And again, in the mirror image, the carer sees this beautiful animal look back for the last time and can only trust that instinct and what he has learnt will be enough.

Last Look Back depicts a point of change. The turn back to look and remember your world as you know it, before moving on. And, in mirror image, it could be your child or loved one looking back before leaving, remembered as in that second.” – Joan McKay

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Last Look Back


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