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Irrupted #1 Self Portrait

Irrupted #1 Self Portrait

edition 2 of 10
44 x 66cm image, 60.7 x 82.2cm framed
archival print on cotton rag paper white matte board and black frame

“Irruption, from the latin irruptio, meaning to attack or assault with sudden violence. And violence takes many forms.  The recent years have been a time of sudden violence, of irruption.
Of heat, fires, rain, and flooding of unprecedented intensity. We have been locked down, and in. And as more and more news of gendered violence emerged, a deluge of truth irrupted. These images capture an upwelling of compassion for myself, and the discovery of power in my rage”. – Katherine Williams

Finalist in the Percivals Photographic Portrait Prize 2022

custom sizes and unframed editions of works are also available


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Irrupted #1 Self Portrait


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