Birrarung Rock

51 x 38cm paper size,  57.2 x 45cm framed size
etching – edition 2 f 9

“The process I most often use is copper plate etching. To begin I start with a design and prep drawings. Then I prepare a copper plate by covering it in an acid resistant layer of bitumen hard ground. I draw the mirrored image onto the prepared plate with an etching needle. The needle basically exposes the copper beneath the hard ground layer.

When the drawing is ready it is placed into a ferric chloride bath that etches the exposed copper. There are other stages and processes such as aquatint to add tone, but the principle is the same. From the initial design stages to the ready to print plate, it can be between 50 to over 150+ hours of work.

After the etching stage is finished, ink is applied to the entire plate and the excess wiped back, leaving the ink only in the etched recesses. To print the image, the plate and paper are passed through a heavy mechanical press. The inking, wiping and pressing is repeated until enough prints are made” – Kasia Fabijanska

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