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Anti Selfie 15

marine grade stainless steel
28 x 22 x 7.5cm

Uniquely shaped wall-mounted sculpture made from marine grade stainless steel. A distorted mirror surface juxtaposes the common ‘selfie’, instead throwing back a kaleidoscopic reflection.
This work has holes in the rear for wall mounting or can be displayed on a plinth or surface, suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

“Metal inflation is a way of sculpting that breathes life into metal and transforms steel from a flat and unpliable state into something soft, fluid and organic. Steel and compressed air or water morph together to create meticulously planned forms yet allow the physics of chance to play an enticing role. Essentially, two identical steel sheets are cut into the shapes I want; the edges seem welded together, and the whole element is inflated. Kind of like blowing up a balloon. Which creates a form you wouldn’t be able to create any other way. It’s the controlled loss of control that really make this process beautiful.” – Sam Hopkins

$500.00 inc GST

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Anti Selfie 15


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